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Idea Mnp Procedure in Ajmer

There are several reasons for which a mobile customer wants to shift from their current operator. Some of the reasons for porting to a new mobile service provider are

  • transfer to Ajmer
  • better coverage
  • lower bill amount tariff plan
  • better call quality and less call drops
  • good customer care
  • fair billing
  • free roaming
  • regulatory certainty of operations by mobile service provider
  • same network as friends and family
  • and list goes on
  • What ever be the reason for shifting to Idea, now mobile subscribers can port to any service provider of their choice in Ajmer. Thanks to MNP or Mobile Number Portability and subscribers can say goodbye to their old service without losing the mobile number which has now become part of ones identity.

    The process for porting ones mobile number is very easy:

    1) Mobile user should first search for the best mobile plan across all service providers. The best place to find the most suitable 2G or 3G or data card tariff plan for ones unique usage needs is your website The website uses a patented algorithm to provide mobile user an accurate estimate of monthly bill on plans available in the market.

    2) After choosing the mobile plan, the user should send an SMS "PORT Mobile Number" to 1900 e.g. if user mobile number is 9812398123 then he/she should send "PORT 9812398123" to 1900

    3) The user will get a response sms with a, MNP Porting Code

    4) The user can contact yourbillbuddy by filling up the offer form or directly approach the service provider with the MNP Porting Code.

    5) We however recommend mobile users to contact yourbillbuddy so they can port hassle free at their convenience time & place.

    Happy Porting to Idea in Ajmer.

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